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Please make a mobile port I only have a phone so I can't play but I wish I could





Please make this for Mac 

use crossover for mac

Fix the mouse lock, this game is unplayable because the mouse keeps clicking out of the window. It's a Unity game, it's like a single line of code to fix. Take the five minutes out of your life to fix this.

i've already fixed it for the definitive release, thank u


i used to play this game as a joke but now i really like it

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The BBC is released


Thank you for this


I'll show game progress through YouTube


good game 69/10

    • best game 10/10 hope to see it at the game awards this year

    Please keep updating this. These boys want you to. 


    I killed every glob man in the game and there was no splash screen or ending scenario. I'm kinda sad about that :( It was still surprisingly enjoyable. 

    very nice to hear you enjoyed the game


    Is this social commentary?


    oney plays brought me here. also please continue updating this game plz